Selling A Building By Owner

Selling A Building

Selling A Building By Owner

I may be selling a building “by owner” soon. Listing the building with another commercial broker is not a good idea at this point. My previous experiences with commercial real estate brokers were not something I wish to repeat, which is why I am going to find a buyer myself, if possible. It seems like the best plan for my real estate sale right now.

Having decided to sell on my own, there’s one basic decision to be made. Well, it’s really a series of decisions all related to the task of finding an interested, qualified buyer. How do I go about finding a buyer for my building? How do I advertise and promote the property so the right people will see it at the right time? Of course I can speak to other former building owners and ask how they found buyers. But I suspect most of them will suggest using a broker to handle everything. That’s what most building owners seem to do.

Going it alone in the competitive world of commercial real estate sales is a bit intimidating. Maybe I will give the professional property buyers at We Pay Fast a call before trying other methods of marketing and selling my building. They have years of experience helping sellers make a quick, easy sale with one phone call to 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email to

Selling A Building to We Pay Fast

The investors at We Pay Fast pay cash for homes properties like mine, as well as houses, apartment complexes, warehouses, and condominiums. They pay cash for properties in any condition, and their purchase transactions often close in less than two weeks from signatures on the initial contract. If they are interested in my building, the We Pay Fast investors may be the ideal buyers for me.

All the effort to advertise and sell my property that’s been worrying me could come to an end. I won’t need to take photos and post them online, or deal with phone calls, texts, and emails from people wanting more information from me. We Pay Fast could make my life much easier in a hurry!

In 24 hours or less the We Pay Fast team will reply to my voice message or email with a phone call back to me. Let’s get this conversation started! I’m calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) to find out about selling a building by owner for fast cash to We Pay Fast.