Selling A Building Due To Illness

Selling A Building

Selling A Building Due To Illness

Selling a building due to illness was not something I ever imagined. Now the day is here, and I must consider it. Taking care of the rental duties and the maintenance tasks is too much for me and for my family to manage. Hiring a property manager cuts into our income and does not make sense for us. Finding our own buyer and selling quickly, preferably for cash, is our ideal scenario.

Finding that buyer seems like an impossibility, or at least like the infamous needle in a haystack. A real estate buyer with no need to get a mortgage loan and with an interest in our building in our town, how unlikely is that? Fortunately, it may not be as impossible as we thought because we discovered the professional team at We Pay Fast. They buy properties like ours in all states. And they buy properties in all conditions, too.

Illness has made it hard to keep up with needed repairs to the building. Besides paying cash and closing fast, We Pay Fast brings in their own team to do repairs and remodeling after they purchase each property. What a relief to think that somebody else will be doing the work we weren’t able to do!

We Pay Fast Buys Buildings In Any Condition

It seems like a dream to imagine we could sell our building and have our cash equity within a week to ten days. But that is how We Pay Fast operates. They are equipped to make offers over the phone, and if accepted by the seller, to provide documents by email for the sellers to sign. Quick and easy! They set up a closing date with the title or escrow company and start the process moving forward.

Another thing we really like about the way the We Pay Fast teams works with sellers is this – they pay all the closing costs, with the exception of mortgage payoff. All other costs and legal fees are paid by We Pay Fast as the buyer. That’s a big relief to us, too!

Selling a building due to illness could be a quick, easy blessing by calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or emailing