Selling A Building Or Abandoning It

Selling A Building

Selling A Building Or Abandoning It

What a tough decision I face about selling a building or abandoning it. Either choice involves compromise because I’d really like to keep and improve the property. But sadly, that is not an option right now.

I would love to find a buyer and transfer ownership of the building by selling it. Abandoning real estate is a messy legal situation I prefer to avoid because it creates legal expenses for others. The city, county and state may get involved before new legal owners step up and take ownership of an abandoned building. I do not want to create a situation that causes unnecessary expenses like those.

But selling a building can be a lengthy process and I do not have any time to wait. My time for waiting has expired and the time for an immediate sale is NOW.

Selling A Building To We Pay Fast

The professional investors at We Pay Fast are experts in handling issues associated with distressed properties. They have been buying, renting out, and reselling commercial and residential real estate for many years. They purchase properties directly from sellers like me. I am not the only building owner who is weighing the pros and cons of selling vs abandoning a property.

We Pay Fast investors pay cash and close fast. They take care of outstanding liens and other debts at closing, so they can take title “free and clear.” That wipes the slate clean for me, too, and I collect the balance of the equity in my property with no lingering financial issues with it.

In addition, We Pay Fast pays all the document preparation and legal/title fees at closing, so I know there will be no surprising expenses for me as the seller. It would be a relief to sell to We Pay Fast and close our sale within a couple weeks from signing a purchase agreement.

If you’re thinking about selling a building or abandoning it, call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email to get in touch with their professional investors today.