Selling a Home Because of Bad Neighbors

Selling a Home

Selling A Home Because of Bad Neighbors

In one day, your neighborhood can go from good to bad, from happy to sad.  If you’re thinking about selling a home because of bad neighbors you might want to think about selling it fast, so you can move away as quickly as possible.

Your first reason may be the noise (or the smell) or just the new people who are suddenly in your life. Especially if you have children who play outdoors, unruly kids can create a big problem for you and other families with children in the neighborhood. Things may have been safe and well-organized in the past, but now they are questionable and chaotic, possibly even dangerous.

Talking to your new neighbors, parents or other close relatives of the unruly kids, is something you can certainly try first. You’ll know immediately if there’s any hope for cooperation on the part of those parents and their children. Sadly, you may feel hopeful after a conversation with them, but as time goes by you may not see any change in parental supervision or child behavior. You may see the same problems going on and on, affecting everybody in the neighborhood.

Yet Another Reason You May Want to Move Away

But the daily inconvenience and possible danger to you, your children and others is only one type of damage bad neighbors can cause.  Another potential source of damage is a decrease in the valuation of your home. It’s important to remember that the value of your property is partially based on factors you won’t see listed on any appraisal form or even discussed openly.  They are unwritten, unspoken realities.

When nobody wants to move into the neighborhood it’s much harder to sell your home. Selling a home because of bad neighbors is difficult, no matter when you decide to sell.

Buyers for Your Home in a Bad Neighborhood

There’s one ray of sunshine in this picture, however. Professional buyers are not going to live in the homes they purchase, so the nature of the neighborhood is not a big issue to them. They are in the business of purchasing homes to resell, and they have the connections to get any house sold.

We Pay Fast is a group of professional home buyers. Call us at 405-521-1807 to discuss selling a home because of bad neighbors. We want to talk to you. Or, email us at [email protected]  You may be able to get cash for your home and move away from the neighborhood much sooner than you ever dreamed possible!