Selling A Home Due to Divorce

Selling A Home

Selling A Home Due to Divorce

Sadly, we may be selling a home due to divorce. The stress and financial strain of the Covid19 pandemic has taken too great a toll on our marriage, so we are divorcing now. Rather than hire real estate agents to help us sell our jointly-owned property we have decided to sell it “by-owner,” to save time and money.

We each have our own reasons for not wanting to stay in the house, so that is why we are determined to sell it and to split the cash equity in the home’s value. Both of our attorneys have agreed with this plan, so now we must simply put it into motion.

The question is this – which one of us will spend the time and effort required to post photos online, answer emails, calls, and texts when a potential buyer shows interest, and make appointments to show the house to serious buyers? The truth is that neither one of us wants to take on all these responsibilities and time-consuming tasks.

Selling a House By-Owner to We Pay Fast

One way we can sell our home by-owner and avoid the real estate commissions and long delays of a traditional real estate sale is to call a professional homebuyer instead. Professional homebuyers are real estate investors who are prepared to pay cash and close fast.

We Pay Fast is a team of professional homebuyers with experience in helping homeowners who are divorcing to get their share of the home equity quickly and easily, often within a week to ten days from signing sale documents. Selling a house to We Pay Fast investors would be ideal for us, in our present circumstances.

I am calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 to let them know I’m selling a home due to divorce. Alternatively, I can email or complete a short contact form online. However I choose to reach out to them, the We Pay Fast team will give me a phone call in reply within 24 hours. That sounds good to me. It is fast and easy to communicate, just as it could be fast and easy to close our home sale transaction.