Selling a Home For My Friend

Selling a Home

Selling a Home for My Friend

I am selling a home for my friend who is overwhelmed with losses from the Coronavirus. She has several family members who have contracted the virus, and two relatives who passed away from complications associated with the virus. She asked me for help because I have sold several of my own homes over the years.

Thanks to my experience, I knew she would need to sign a Limited Power of Attorney drafted by her lawyer. She gave me permission to get the document prepared, and then she signed it. This is the important document giving me the right to list her home with an agent or sell her home myself. I can sign all the necessary real estate documents and communicate with others on her behalf.

Naturally, I want to avoid making my own decisions and stick to what I know my friend wants to achieve. She gave me the lowest sale price she will accept and the time frame by which she needs to close the sale. There will be other decisions to make during the sale and closing process, but I am confident we have a clear understanding about how I should handle my responsibilities for her.


Knowing my friend’s bottom-line sale price and her need to sell as quickly as possible, I began to look for real estate investors who have the resources to pay cash and close fast. My research led me to online. They are professional buyers who buy and sell homes regularly. It’s their main business, so they have their legal and administrative team set up to help sellers who are in a hurry.

We Pay Fast offers an easy way for me to take care of my friend’s home sale and get her the cash she needs now. By using the Limited Power of Attorney she signed, I can sign a sales agreement and all closing documents provided by We Pay Fast. Their team takes care of all the paperwork at no charge to the seller, another advantage for us.

I’ll be calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing to discuss selling a home for my friend and getting her cash within a week to ten days.