Selling a Home to Retire

Selling a Home

Selling a Home to Retire

We are selling a home to retire and move closer to our family. The Coronavirus pandemic kept us from making big changes in our employment and our residence for over a year. It seemed like a good idea to preserve our income and stay in our home until the virus was no longer an issue. But virus or no virus, we need to sell our house now so that we can retire and move.

Making future plans has been very difficult lately. We don’t know whether we will be free to travel or required to stay isolated at home. All the steps involved in listing and selling real estate through an agent can be time consuming. And, in addition, they add more uncertainty to the life of a home seller because until the buyer has been approved for mortgage financing, the transaction is not certain.

However, there is one type of buyer who can offer more certainty to sellers – professional homebuyers that pay cash and close fast. We are giving consideration to calling We Pay Fast because they have many years’ experience closing fast, cash transactions.

Selling a Home to We Pay Fast

We Pay Fast has worked with hundreds of sellers over the years, and many of them were ready to retire. They wanted a quick, easy, cash sale to avoid the drawn-out process they may have experienced in the past working with a real estate agent. We Pay Fast has the resources and the system set up to handle our current needs.

The professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast respond to voice messages to 405-521-1807 and emails to within 24 hours. They respond with a phone call, giving sellers the opportunity to ask questions about the sale process and to agree on a sale price. Following up on their phone call, the We Pay Fast administrative team sends a purchase agreement for sellers to sign by email.

Fortunately, closings can be scheduled within a week to ten days after the purchase agreement is signed by both the seller and the buyer. Working with We Pay Fast is ideal for us as we sell our home to retire now.