Selling a House By Owner

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Selling a House by Owner

Most homeowners are not prepared for selling a house by owner. They do not like to think or act like a salesperson because they resent pushy salespeople. I am asking myself how I feel about salespeople, too, because I may be selling my house by owner.

This is not the first home I have owned a home and thought about selling by owner. In the past I listed with real estate gents for several reasons. But my situation is different this time, and the whole world is different, too.

The Coronavirus quarantine has changed the way we think about our employment, which affects the way we think about where we should live and how much of our income should be set aside for our living expenses. Working from home is becoming more common, and it requires having a quiet, organized office space for maximum productivity.

My current house does not include enough office space me to work from home, so I need to sell it myself and find another place to live.

Finding A Buyer On My Own

The first thing I need to do is locate a buyer. There’s no house sale without a buyer. While real estate agents have more marketing tools than homeowners selling by owner, we have plenty of options to find a buyer online and in person. But you can’t be shy to approach people in person or hesitant to post photos online. Finding a home buyer takes courage, time and social media skills.

I am considering what it takes to sell my house without hiring an agent and paying a real estate commission. Working with an agent costs me a percentage of the sale price, and in the current real estate market, working with an agent may take a lot longer than finding a buyer myself.

Calling the Home Buyers at We Pay Fast

One of my options for selling my house is calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807. They are a group of professional real estate investors who buy houses directly from the sellers, and they have been in business for many years buying and selling houses. Calling We Pay Fast may be the best way for me to locate my buyer and close the sale within a week to ten days, with no commissions, closing costs or legal fees.

I can also email to receive a call back within 24 hours. Either way I get in touch, speaking on the phone to a decisionmaker is what I prefer over all my other options for selling my house by owner.