Selling a House For a Friend?

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Selling a House For a Friend?

If you are selling a house for a friend, there are several legal aspects you should consider. Specific paperwork will be needed for you to represent the other person and to sign for him or her at closing, if necessary.

Assisting a friend to sell their home means you’ll probably need a Limited Power of Attorney form to verify your legal status regarding the real estate transaction. A Limited Power of Attorney form may be available from a real estate agent, and of course it can be prepared professionally by an attorney.

The Limited Power of Attorney form will list the specific duties you are allowed to perform for your friend in the home sale. The reason it is called “limited” is because your legal right to perform specific duties only covers those duties. It does not extend to selling a car or an RV. When your friend signs the Limited Power of Attorney form then you can “stand in the place” of that person legally, for the list of duties outlined on the form.

Sell A Friend’s House to We Pay Fast

If your friend is not available to sell their own house, there’s an easy way for you to get it sold quickly. It will reduce the effort required of you and it will provide the owner with their cash in less than two weeks. You will not need to be involved with a real estate agent, showings, open houses, or paying a commission at closing. You will need that Limited Power of Attorney to sign documents, but there will be far fewer documents for you to sign.

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