Selling A House For Cash in Miami

Selling A House For Cash in Miami

Selling A House For Cash in Miami

I am selling a house for cash in Miami. It was a quick decision on my part, and it was a good one. I had tenants for many years, including in 2020 when the Coronavirus caused the CDC to impose a moratorium on evictions. While it was beneficial to tenants suffering loss of income from the pandemic, it was devastating to landlords who were not getting their rental payments.

Unfortunately for landlords like me, the Supreme Court of the United States extended the ban on evictions through July 2021. But I am tired of waiting for the privilege of going to court to evict tenants who have been living rent-free for over a year. I want to avoid going to court and having to evict these tenants, so I will sell my rental property and be done with the situation.

The new owner of my rental house will not have a long, personal history with the tenants. They no longer have a current lease, so it will be easy for a new owner to evict them. I will have my home equity in cash, and I will be happy.

We Pay Fast Buys Rental Property in Miami

I have talked to one of the investors at We Pay Fast 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932). They are interested in my rental house, and we have already signed a purchase agreement. It was the fastest, easiest real estate transaction I have ever experienced.

We Pay Fast pays all costs at closing, which is scheduled for next week. I know exactly how much cash to expect because it is the same as the purchase price. There will be no deductions from my proceeds for document, title, or legal fees because We Pay Fast pays all closing costs for their property purchases.

I am selling a house for cash in Miami. We Pay Fast is making it quick and easy, and very professional, too. Call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email