Selling a House For Cash

selling my house fast

Selling a House for Cash

I am seriously thinking about selling a house for cash in the next month. Half the year is gone now, and 2020 has turned out to be a disaster in many ways. Before Covid19 struck, I had no intention of selling my home. Things have changed for me financially and now I have no choice but to sell it quickly.

Over the last few months I have contacted real estate agents to see what was happening with local sellers and buyers. I collected a variety of opinions and a lot of professional advice. But none of it motivated me to list my home while the virus was spreading in the first half of the year.

It looks like Covid19 has been spreading even faster in some states in the last few weeks. It has lasted throughout the spring and summer this year, and now we are headed into the fall and still dealing with it. I can see it is not a good idea to continue waiting for the virus to pass before selling my home.

Selling My House Quickly During Covid19

Selling my house quickly is my only option now. The global pandemic has had a disastrous effect on the monthly income of millions of people because they were furloughed or fired from their jobs. That is my situation, and I should have gone back to work by now, but I have not been called back yet.

Fortunately, I have a significant amount of equity in my home. That means I can sell it for cash and keep part of the proceeds after paying off my small mortgage balance. I’ve done the math and calculated a selling price that should appeal to a cash buyer and provide me with the cash I need.

We Pay Fast is a team of real estate investors that pays cash quickly when they purchase a house. Homeowners who are selling a house for cash can call 405-521-1807 or email [email protected] to speak to a We Pay Fast investor personally. If they are interested in buying your home, they will provide you with an agreement to sign and schedule your closing within a week to ten days.

Sellers do not pay any portion of the closing costs or legal fees at closing. We Pay Fast provides all the legal documents and pays all the closing costs. I’m looking forward to selling a house for cash to them.