Selling a House For Your Friends?

Selling a House

Selling a House For Your Friends?

Are you selling a house for your friends because they are not available to do it themselves? This is not an uncommon situation. Friends or family members must sometimes step in and handle real estate sales tasks, even when they are not eager to do so. It might be an emergency, or simply the right thing to do.

Helping a friend sell a home often requires a Limited Power of Attorney, which is a legal form your friends sign, and once signed, it conveys their legal right to sell their home to you. It does not give you the right to keep their money from the sale, but it gives you the right to sign listing and sale documents that a seller normally signs.

The word “Limited” confines your duties to the home sale, unless your friends also list other tasks they want you to accomplish for them. This legal document may work differently in various states, so it is best to get legal advice before your friends have their lawyer draft a Limited Power of Attorney. But it is very likely that your lawyer will tell you that the document does not obligate you to sell the house. It merely gives you the legal right to do it. Please get confirmation on this point so you do not feel undue pressure.

Sell Your Friends’ House to We Pay Fast

When your friends are not available to sell their home, you have a quick, easy way to help them and to save yourself a lot of time, too.  With your Limited Power of Attorney (in most states) you can call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email and speak to a real estate investor who pays cash and closes fast on residential real estate.

You may receive an offer on the property over the phone. After consulting with the property owners or following the guidelines they have provided, if you and the We Pay Fast investor come to an agreement they will send you documents by email for your signature. They will need a copy of the Limited Power of Attorney for you to sign the sale documents, and the closing documents as well.

Take care of your responsibilities the fast, easy way when you are selling a house for your friends. Call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and speak to the We Pay Fast homebuyers when the time comes to sell their home.