Selling a House? Get a Cash Offer

Selling a House

Selling a House? Get a Cash Offer

Did you know that when you are selling a house you can get a cash offer? Depending on your experience in the past, you may be limited in your thinking about how it works. You may expect to list with a real estate agent and pay a sizeable commission. You may expect the process to take months because buyers normally apply for mortgage loans to purchase homes. You may expect the worst to happen if the buyer does not get financing and you must start looking for another buyer all over again.

Your first thought may not be, “I would like to find a cash buyer for my property. I want a cash buyer, so I’m going to contact a cash buyer.” If you are not having these thoughts, you are just like most people who are selling a house. Most sellers are not thinking in an assertive manner about locating a cash buyer. They feel vulnerable to thoughts of paying a commission and waiting for buyer financing, too.

Fortunately, you can turn on some positive thinking about getting a cash offer on your house for sale. You can consider calling a professional homebuyer who is prepared to make you an offer on the phone right away.

We Pay Fast Makes Cash Offers On The Phone

The best example of professional home buyers who make cash offers on the phone is We Pay Fast. Our seasoned investors will ask you questions about your house and then do a little research on it. They will consider whether it is a fit for their investment portfolio, and if it works for them they will make you an offer on the phone.

We Pay Fast investors are decision makers. They are equipped to help you get the cash offer you desire, if it works for them and for you. Here’s the best way to get started – call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email and expect a call back within 24 hours if you leave a voice message or email.

When you meet on the phone to discuss your home for sale the We Pay Fast investor has the authority to make you an offer and email you a purchase agreement to sign if you accept their offer. You will pay no commission, closing costs or title fees when We Pay Fast is your buyer. They will pay all the costs of the transaction, and you will have your cash in as little as one week to ten days.

If you’re selling a house you can get a cash offer from We Pay Fast when it works for both buyer and seller.