Selling a House in Bad Condition

Selling a House fast

Selling a House in Bad Condition

It may not be a socially acceptable thing to say, but I am selling a house in bad condition. There, I said it. My house was run down when I inherited it from my parents, and it’s gone downhill from that time. I didn’t have enough money to do the repairs it needed, and it’s continued to decline.

I know there are people who buy homes like mine. They are in the business of buying and remodeling residential property. That’s what they do for their main career or as a side business. I need to find one of these people who wants to buy my property as a project for their business. The fact that it’s in bad condition is not a problem because they generally update all the homes they buy to resell.

What’s My Idea of Bad Condition?

I’m not a person who exaggerates about needed home repairs. When I say I’m selling a house in bad condition I am serious about it. There are torn screens on several windows, paint peeling on the exterior siding and a few missing shingles on the roof. My furnace is functioning, but it is over 15 years old. The whole house could really use new floor coverings throughout.

None of these things is too much trouble to repair or replace, but I’m not the person to take on the remodeling project. I just need to sell my home and move as soon as possible.

I made the mistake of calling a real estate agent referred to me by a friend. It was an embarrassing experience because she made a long list of items for me to fix before she would come back to take photos and have me sign a listing agreement. I can assure you she won’t be coming back to list my house.

Calling We Pay Fast to Buy My House

I am never calling that real estate agent again. I am calling We Pay Fast instead. Their phone number is 405-521-1807 and their email address is Calling them gives me an opportunity to speak to professional real estate buyers. These people buy and sell houses, they do not list houses for sale. They regularly buy houses that need repairs and may be interested in buying mine.

If you are selling a house in bad condition, contact We Pay Fast by phone or email.