Selling A House Instead of Leasing It

Selling A House

Selling A House Instead of Leasing It

I am going to be selling a house instead of leasing it this summer. In the past, there were some advantages to leasing a house in a resort area. Even during the Coronavirus pandemic there were plenty of people renting vacation homes in the area where mine is located.

I inherited the house and never planned to live in it myself, but it worked out well as a short-term rental to resort visitors. Most renters were polite and neat, with a few dramatic exceptions. But those occasional loud and messy guests are not the reason I am selling a house now. My reason is political.

Due to recent decisions by municipal politicians, landlords who own and rent property to short-term tenants now face higher annual registration fees. Our fees are determined by how many beds are available in the property. Since I have been renting a 2000 square-foot house, usually to large groups of visitors, I face a prohibitively high annual registration fee for having ten beds available.

Selling My House to We Pay Fast

Rather than pay the local registration fees on my short-term rental property I have decided to sell the house to We Pay Fast instead. Since I inherited the house, I do not have a mortgage on it. That means I have more flexibility with my selling price. You might say I have more flexibility on price than on a closing date because my goal is to sell this property quickly now. I want to sell it for fast cash and avoid the obligations of short-term landlords in my resort area now.

The homebuyers at We Pay Fast are easy to reach by phone at 405-521-1807 and by email at They return voice messages and respond to emails within 24 hours. When you speak to a We Pay Fast investor on the phone you can discuss the details of your property for sale, and if it works for them, you will agree on a sale price and closing date.

We Pay Fast pays all the closing costs for document preparation and legal and title fees. I am really looking forward to contacting We Pay Fast about selling a house instead of leasing it.