Selling a House to Take a New Job

Selling a House

Selling a House to Take a New Job

Are you selling a house to take a new job in another city or state? You may be so excited about your new opportunity and upgrade to your lifestyle that getting your house sold has not yet become your primary focus.

But, once you sit down and begin to consider your home sale options, one stark reality may become clear: Even if you get an offer within a couple weeks, closing your real estate transaction will probably take four to six weeks. That is an industry-standard time frame in most parts of the country.

In other words, when you list with an agent to find a traditional homebuyer, you are looking at two months before your house sale closes. That is a practical estimate, and that’s assuming the best of circumstances. It is assuming your buyer qualifies for a mortgage loan and your home passes the inspection routinely required by home mortgage lenders.

Sell To We Pay Fast in Only Two Weeks

The professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast can help you on your way to your new job in as little as ten days to two weeks, instead of two months. They specialize in cash purchases of residential real estate from motivated sellers like you.  

Call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) to speak to them within 24 hours of your voice message or email to If you need a buyer who can pay cash and close fast, contact We Pay Fast when you’re selling your house to take a new job soon.