Selling A House When Interest Rates Are Low

Selling A House

Selling A House When Interest Rates Are Low

Ask anyone who has borrowed money to purchase real estate and they will tell you about selling a house when interest rates are low. Most property owners and industry professionals will say something like, “Sell now! Buyers are hungry for houses and they are buying up everything in sight!”

There is truth in this idea, but it is not necessarily true for every homebuyer. The statement is generally true about buyers who are getting mortgage loans to finance their home purchase, which is the majority of traditional homebuyers. They can save money, sometimes considerable money in the long run, by negotiating the lowest possible interest rate on their mortgage loan.

But, if a buyer has no need to borrow money, low interest rates do not concern them. Cash buyers have their own motivations for investing in houses, whether it is for their primary residence or as an investment. Professional homebuyers are investors who pay cash and have the ability to close their transactions quickly, too. They are unaffected by low interest rates.

Selling a House to We Pay Fast

Selling a house to We Pay Fast is the quickest, easiest way to work with a cash buyer. They do not make offers subject to financing, so that gives them an advantage over traditional homebuyers who are applying for a mortgage. Waiting for a buyer to get mortgage loan approval can take more than a month, but We Pay Fast has access to immediate cash to buy houses.

In fact, We Pay Fast purchases property directly from sellers in nearly every state in the U.S. within a week to ten days. They have decades of experience making offers over the phone and following up with transaction documents for the seller to sign by email. We Pay Fast pays all the document and legal fees, so the price they offer a seller is the amount that seller receives at closing.

If you are considering selling a house when interest rates are low, consider selling to We Pay Fast instead. Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to speak to a professional homebuyer about your home for sale now.