Selling a Mobile Home on Land

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Selling a Mobile Home on Land

Selling a mobile home on land in the country is a unique challenge. Some homebuyers are more interested in the land than the house. This is a common mindset for hobby farmers and enthusiastic gardeners. So, when you’re looking for a buyer for your rural place, and the living space is a mobile home, you should consider that the home may not be the most important element to your ideal buyer.

The reason this is important is the basic fact that mobile homes do not tend to appreciate in value, while brick and wood homes generally do appreciate in value. Metal homes such as pole buildings with a shop or barn attached to living quarters may or may not appreciate in value, so they are a different kind of home entirely.

But mobile homes that were transported onto a parcel of land in the country, either as a singlewide unit or as doublewide units that fasten together to form one house, are constructed to different standards than brick and wood homes. The way they are constructed gives them the advantage of a lower price when they are new, but which may become a disadvantage when the time comes for the original owner to sell.

Finding Your Ideal Buyer

Listing with a real estate broker who is familiar with selling homes in town is not usually a good idea when you’re selling a mobile home on land in the country. They don’t have the experience and they may not have the enthusiasm you would like in a broker representing your property for sale. Listing with a broker who just waits around for other agents to bring in a buyer is not the best plan for manufactured homes on rural land.

Your ideal buyer may be working with an agent who is helping them look at places in the country. Not all real estate agents are willing to work with these buyers because it takes a lot longer to drive around to various places for sale, and it takes even longer to tour the house and land once you arrive for a tour. Selling rural property is time-consuming for both the prospective buyers and for their agent.

As a result, your ideal buyers may be conducting their own search online and even by driving around to find For Sale signs in the areas that interest them.  This is not the most sophisticated system for finding rural property, but sometimes it works. You could list your own place for sale by owner and hope your ideal buyer finds it.

Calling A Professional Buyer

Your fastest option for finding a buyer is to contact  Call (405) 521-1807 or email when you’re selling a mobile home on land in the country. For a fast, easy way to get it sold, give our professional buyers a call. They have experience and enthusiasm for buying rural property with mobile homes.