Selling a Rental House

Selling a Rental House - Selling my house fast

Selling a Rental House

I have a few rental houses. For anyone who has tenants like I do, there may come a day when you face the same problem I’m facing right now. I’m selling a rental house to avoid evicting tenants.

No matter how many times you may have done it, giving people notice that they must vacate their home is not easy. It can even become dangerous if tempers flare up on either side.  For some reason, many tenants think that landlords have plenty of money and shouldn’t demand the rent whenever the tenant is short on cash. That misconception can be quite exasperating for landlords.

Professional property managers know that delivering an eviction notice creates trauma for the tenants, even if they are expecting it. And it’s much worse when someone in the house comes to the door who has no idea that the rental payment is late. That’s truly disconcerting, on both sides of the front door.


I could hire a property manager and avoid having to serve eviction notices myself. That’s one of my options, but of course it cuts into my monthly income. For that reason, I’m not fond of the idea of working with a property manager rather than dealing with tenants myself.

Alternatively, I could sell my rental house. But I wouldn’t just be selling the house, I’d be selling the lease and the tenants along with the house. I would have to disclose the delinquent rent to the buyer before closing, so they understand the necessity of serving an eviction notice or making other arrangements. Any other arrangements would be their choice and have nothing to do with me, after the house is sold.


Selling the rental house to We Pay Fast may be my best option to avoid serving an eviction notice now. Their team of investors, lawyers and closing agents is very experienced and professional. I will get my cash and my freedom from landlord responsibilities for that property at closing. We Pay Fast can often close within a week to ten days, and then move ahead to serve an eviction notice on their new tenants immediately.

Call 405-521-1807 or email [email protected] if you’re thinking about selling a rental house, too.