Selling a Rental Property Fast

Selling a Rental Property Fast

Selling a Rental Property Fast

Looks like I will be selling a rental property fast for cash. The current tenants told me they wanted to buy it, so when they signed a lease with me, they also signed an option-to-purchase agreement, meaning we agreed on the price and terms for them to purchase the house within a year. Both agreements were signed, and they moved in before Coronavirus took over the world in early 2020.

The pandemic has changed most peoples’ lives in many ways. It dramatically changed my tenants’ lives financially, so they are no longer able to make the down payment specified in the option-to-purchase agreement. Coronavirus affected my income, too. I was counting on the sale of my rental house to the tenants living in it by February 2021, but now I understand they are unable to exercise their option-to-purchase as agreed a year ago.

My tenants would like to extend their lease on the property, but if I give them that opportunity it will not help me sell the property fast. A new buyer would have to agree to allow the tenants to stay in the house until their extended lease expires, and most home buyers are not interested in that type of restriction.

Selling My Rental Property to We Pay Fast

One way for me to sell my rental property fast, with or without tenants living in the house, is to call We Pay Fast about my property for sale. The professional buyers at We Pay Fast are experienced in purchasing rental properties from sellers who need fast cash. They have the resources and the system to help me out now.

We Pay Fast creates all the paperwork needed and pays all the closing costs and legal fees. The price they offer me for my rental property is the sale price I will receive at closing, within a week to ten days after signing our agreement.

I can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807, email or fill out the easy form on In any case, I will receive a phone call in response within 24 hours. An experienced We Pay Fast buyer will call me back, and I may be selling a rental property fast after all!