Selling a Warehouse After a Flood

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Selling a Warehouse After a Flood

I may be selling a warehouse after a flood forced me to move my business out. I had not planned to sell it, but it’s useless to me now that we’ve relocated our inventory to another warehouse in a different location.

The warehouse is flood-damaged, so I am looking for a buyer who purchases property directly from the seller “as-is.” No mortgage lender will want to provide a loan for our warehouse in its present condition. Knowing that, we are looking for a buyer who pays cash and closes fast on properties in any condition.

We were surprised to discover our insurance does not cover flood damage from the type of flooding the warehouse sustained. So, that’s why we simply moved out instead of trying to pay for all the needed repairs ourselves. We could not come up with the money required to fix up the property.

If we had purchased flood insurance from The National Flood Insurance Program at closing on the warehouse a few years ago, we could repair it now. We just did not think flood insurance would be necessary. Turns out, it would have been a wise decision to purchase flood insurance. Since we did not do so, we must sell our warehouse as-is now.

Sell My House to We Pay Fast After a Flood

We could call the professional team of investors at We Pay Fast about our warehouse for sale. When we call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email they will get back to us by phone within 24 hours. They buy properties in any condition when it works for their investment portfolio.

When the We Pay Fast buyer gives us a call and we discuss details about the property they might make us an offer over the phone. And if we accept their offer to buy our warehouse as-is, the We Pay Fast admin team will send documents by email for us to sign and get the transaction started.

By calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or emailing I may be able to sell my warehouse after a flood, which would be a big relief.