Selling An Apartment Complex By Email

Selling An Apartment Complex

Selling An Apartment Complex By Email

Is it possible to sell my apartment complex by email?  For personal and business reasons I want to find a buyer on my own, with no commercial real estate broker involved. And I want to keep the transaction confidential, too. It’s a bit tricky. How do I find a buyer without making it known that the property is for sale?

I am thinking about sending emails to potential buyers I know personally, and to others I do not know personally but I know as owners of apartment complexes around the country. Sending emails, assuming they are opened and read, means that my intention to sell an apartment complex will no longer be a secret. It will be public knowledge if the people who receive emails from me choose to tell others. That’s how it works with real estate investing, and that’s how any hope of confidentiality will be ruined.

One phone call to the real estate investment team at We Pay Fast could turn out to be my best solution. We Pay Fast pays cash, even for large properties, and closes in the shortest time frame possible for each property. Their residential closings can be scheduled in as little as a week to ten days, but commercial real estate closings tend to have more steps and to take longer.

Selling My Apartment Complex to We Pay Fast

Calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or emailing is quick and easy. Best of all, it is completely confidential. If we come to an agreement on the phone, the We Pay Fast team gets started producing documents to send by email. They move fast and efficiently, and they are well-connected to title and escrow companies where the legal work is done and closing documents are prepared.

Selling an apartment complex is more time-consuming than selling most homes. There are dozens of leases to attach to the agreement, and financial data to be analyzed. Fortunately, the professional team at We Pay Fast is set up to move smoothly through all the steps required to get the transaction closed. This fact is just as important to me as the confidentiality aspect.  

I may very well sell my apartment complex by email when I contact We Pay Fast at