Selling Apartments Bought At Tax Sale

Sell My Duplex

Selling Apartments Bought At Tax Sale

Who knew I’d be selling apartments I bought at tax sale recently. Unfortunately, my business and family commitments are consuming every waking hour, and I failed to consider the cost of hiring crews to complete remodeling projects in several units. It would have been a good investment for me in a different phase of my life, but right now I cannot do the remodeling work myself.

I took a class online about investing in real estate at tax sales. It sounded like a good idea at the time, and it worked out when I went to the tax sale where a small apartment complex was auctioned off. I won the auction and took title at a closing shortly after the redemption period had expired.

Building my investment portfolio is something I still want to achieve, but not with these apartments now. This is not going to work out for me while I am swamped at work and at home. There is no time to work on an apartment building or oversee a construction crew. Maybe buying these apartments at tax sale was a mistake for me.

We Pay Fast Buys Investors’ Mistakes

The professional real estate investors at We Pay Fast purchase properties from sellers who are looking for a quick sale. They do not use agents or brokers, so their sellers pay no real estate commission at closing. We Pay Fast provides the initial documents and then sets up the closing with a title or escrow company. All the title and legal work is paid for by We Pay Fast.

I am looking forward to selling apartments I bought at tax sale by calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or emailing The We Pay Fast team wants to hear from me!