Selling Commercial Property To Homeschool Kids

Selling Commercial Property

Selling Commercial Property To Homeschool Kids

It’s something I would not have considered several years ago – selling property to homeschool kids. An income-producing commercial property has been contributing to our family income for many years. It is an asset that can be liquidated if necessary. We have a home, and we have jobs. We also have a retail property inherited from my wife’s grandparents. She was their beneficiary when they passed away, and we have been collecting rent on it for over ten years.

Now our kids are growing up during the mask mandates due to Coronavirus. We have decided to homeschool them instead of sending them to public school. Making the decision to homeschool means we will lose some monthly income from our jobs so that we can be teachers as well as parents now. Selling our commercial property is one way we can raise cash to cover our living expenses.

Finding a buyer for our commercial property could be a time-consuming process if we list and sell with a local real estate agent. Besides the time factor, it means people in our town will wonder why we chose to sell a building that’s been in the family for decades. We do not want to get caught up in conversations about our personal real estate business.

We Pay Fast Buys Buildings Fast

Professional real estate buyers are in the regular business of buying properties. They generally do not apply for mortgage loans to make their purchases. This gives them an advantage that benefits the sellers in their transactions, too. By avoiding the time delays involved in the commercial loan application and approval process professional buyers can close their transactions much faster by paying cash.

We Pay Fast is a team of professional real estate buyers that are looking for commercial properties like ours. We can call them at 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email them at if we choose not to use the contact form or live chat online. Any of these contact options will result in a phone call back to us within 24 hours.

Selling commercial property to homeschool kids may not be a common reason for selling, but We Pay Fast professional property buyers are equipped to help us sell fast for cash, no matter what our reason may be.