Selling My Acreage in The Country

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Selling My Acreage in The Country

After all my hopes and dreams about owning a country home it’s hard to believe I’m thinking about selling my acreage in the country. Many things have changed in my life and it’s become obvious that I need to move into town now.

This acreage takes a lot of hard work to maintain. The regular mowing takes several hours a week, which doesn’t count the landscaping tasks or planting and caring for a vegetable garden. That’s all extra work, in addition to the huge mowing responsibility.

Weed eating and trimming are the most time-consuming tasks. And hiring someone to do the mowing and trimming is far too expensive.

Country Living is a Lifestyle

Country living is a lifestyle I can no longer afford.  The physical labor required to keep up the place is only part of my problem. The other part is the money required to pay property taxes, insurance, satellite internet and rural fire protection. There are many costs associated with rural living that make it more expensive than urban living.

I know other people have dreams of getting a place in the country, since I used to be one of those people. It’s a romantic notion shared by many. Right now, I need to find some of those people to see if they would like to buy my acreage.

But I’ve heard stories about homeowners in this area who had quite a time with real estate agents who listed their country homes for sale. That’s why I would prefer to avoid listing with an agent. I need to find a buyer for my acreage without listing it.

We Pay Fast Buys Acreages

Calling the professional buyers at We Pay Fast is a good way to find my buyer for acreages. They purchase residential property in the city and the country all over the country. When a We Pay Fast buyer makes an offer and I accept it, in a week to ten days I’ll have my cash, with no commissions, fees or other costs deducted from the sale price

Call 405 521-1807 or email  to speak to a We Pay Fast buyer if you’re selling an acreage in the country.