Selling My Building in Bad Condition

Selling My Building

Selling My Building in Bad Condition

It was run down when I inherited it years ago, so now I’m selling my building in bad condition. Without going into a long story, all my good intentions to repair and remodel it did not materialize. I had a job and a family, so improving my building never took priority in my life. All the repairs and remodeling got deferred and simply never happened.

So, the building has deteriorated. It’s that simple. I didn’t have the time, attention, or money to remodel and maintain it properly. Now I need to find a buyer in the business of rescuing sellers like me by purchasing their properties for fast cash.

We Pay Fast is a team of investors buying buildings like mine. It is their basic business model – find properties in bad condition owned by sellers who are motivated to sell for fast cash.

We Pay Fast Buys Buildings Needing Repair

While the condition of my building is certainly not too far gone to repair or remodel, all the projects are intimidating to me. I am not a contractor and cannot afford to hire contractors to do the work that’s needed. We Pay Fast has teams of expert contractors on call. They have a perfect setup to buy my building and to put it in good condition now.

I am calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or emailing right away. When they call me back and we discuss my property for sale I may receive an offer from them over the phone. If so, and if I accept their offer, selling my building fast could become a reality in as little as two weeks!