Selling My Building With A Bad Inspection Report

Selling My Building

Selling My Building With A Bad Inspection Report

It seems impossible that I’m selling my building with a bad inspection report. A couple months ago another commercial agent brought my listing agent an offer. We were enthusiastic and came to an agreement on price and terms, which included an inspection clause. The inspection was scheduled, and the buyers, the sellers, and their agents all waited for the inspection report.

Nobody involved was prepared for a bad report. There were structural issues and the plumbing and electrical wiring were not up to date. These conclusions by the inspector caused the buyers to walk away from their agreement. They had a right to do that, but it was a big blow to us.

Naturally, my real estate agent wants to put our property back on the commercial property market. That is logical from her perspective, but it makes no sense to me. What would keep another buyer from walking away after another bad inspection report?

Selling My Building to We Pay Fast Instead

The truth is, once a seller has become aware of a bad inspection report, problems may follow. In most cities, the seller now has knowledge that must be disclosed to potential buyers in the future. Now that I know about the structural issues and the outdated plumbing and electrical issues I am obligated to disclose them. That means it will be even more difficult to close a real estate sale. So, why would I list my building again?

I plan to call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) to talk about a fast, cash sale instead. The professional buyers at We Pay Fast are well-equipped to purchase commercial properties directly from sellers like me. They pay cash and close fast if a building works for their investment portfolio, and they have teams to do the repairs and upgrades it needs after closing.

Calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) is my chosen alternative for selling my building with a bad inspection report. Our transaction could be closed in less than a month, with We Pay Fast picking up all the closing costs and legal fees, too.