Selling My Duplex in Dallas

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Selling My Duplex in Dallas

I am selling my duplex in Dallas so I can move in with relatives who need my help now. These are trying economic times for people all over the world, and our family is fortunate to have a place we can congregate to help each other get through the Coronavirus pandemic and long-term unemployment.

Some of our children may be required to take homeschool courses when the new school year begins, although no final decisions have been made by local school districts yet. It will be easier to homeschool them with several adults available to oversee the classwork and study sessions.

My duplex was not only my home but also a source of monthly income because I had tenants in the other half of the property.  I will need to find a job to replace that income and living with family gives me more flexibility in the hours I’m available to work.

Private Real Estate Sale

Because the tenants in my duplex are also my friends, I don’t want to interfere with their lives by listing the property and making it available for all the local real estate agents to show.  Arranging for showings is a big imposition, and I know it would really be a problem for my friends, since there are so many agents working in the Dallas metroplex.

I’ve decided to sell my duplex privately instead. Finding a buyer for an investment property is a little different than selling a single-family home. In some ways, it’s easier. I am looking for a real estate investor who pays cash and has the resources to close the sale transaction quickly and easily.

We Pay Fast is a team of real estate investors who fit my needs perfectly. They buy and sell houses, duplexes, small apartments and commercial buildings in Dallas. I can reach them by phone at 405-521-1807 or by email at and get a call back within 24 hours.

The investors at We Pay Fast will make a decision about my property and then provide the sales agreement for our signatures, as well as providing all the closing documents and necessary legal work. They get everything done and do not charge the seller a fee for it. I may be selling my duplex in Dallas within a week or so. My family and I are excited!