Selling My Fixer-Upper House in Plano

Selling My Fixer-Upper House in Plano

Selling My Fixer-Upper House in Plano

Looking at the national real estate news you would never believe I am having so much trouble selling my fixer-upper house in Plano. There is no doubt that plenty of people might be interested in buying it, but no agent will list it, which means people are not aware that my house is for sale.

If you are wondering why local agents are not eager to list my home, the reason is simple – it is not in the price range they prefer to list. That’s right. Most agents have no interest in listing homes under $200K because the Texas real estate market is so active that they are so busy listing and selling expensive homes. Agents are paid a commission on the sale price, so they prefer more expensive homes because they collect a larger commission check.

This dilemma has caused me to consider my For Sale By Owner options. Posting ads with photos online is one alternative. Friends have told me it is a time-consuming job to post and reply to people who call, email and text in response to For Sale By Owner online posts. Frankly, I do not have time to do all that work. I would like to find a buyer for my house in Plano without so much work.

We Pay Fast Buys Fixer-Upper Houses

We Pay Fast is a team of professional investors who buy houses in any condition, including houses in Plano. They have repair and remodeling help, so they often purchase a house directly from the seller and then repair and remodel it for rent or for resale.

I can call them at 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email them at and look forward to receiving a phone call in reply within 24 hours. Talking to We Pay Fast about selling my fixer-upper house in Plano will be quick and easy. If my property works for their investment portfolio, they may make an offer on the phone and follow up with documents to sign by email.

Selling my house in Plano to We Pay Fast at 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) is the easiest For Sale By Owner method I have found.