Selling My Home After Sickness

want to sell my house fast

Selling My Home After Sickness

A couple months ago I could not have imagined selling my home after sickness and losing my job. These things have always been a problem, but in this world plagued by the Coronavirus, there are millions of people experiencing the same problems at the same time.

Some people are having a hard time paying their rent or mortgage payments. I can relate to that. And some are juggling other people who are also sick, suffering and dying. It is unbelievable.

I’ve already made the decision to sell my home so I can move in with relatives who need my help. But I cannot make the important move until my own home is sold. Finding a buyer is my number one priority, now that I’m not sick in bed.


There’s no way I can wait for a real estate agent to list and sell my house because it takes at least a month, and sometimes longer after a ready, willing and able buyer makes an offer. Getting an offer can take weeks or months before the clock starts ticking on that month of preparation before closing the sale.

I need an instant buyer. Where can I find someone who is interested in my house and has the cash to close quickly? Well, I looked online and found We Pay Fast professional home buyers. They are in the business of buying and selling homes quickly. We Pay Fast pays cash and schedules closings within a week to ten days after signing an agreement.

I plan to call 404-521-1807 or email  and speak to a professional buyer. They will understand why I’m selling my home after sickness, and they will know exactly what to do so I can move in with relatives soon, which is what I need now.