Selling My Home as the Country Opens Up

selling my home

Selling My Home as The Country Opens Up

The Coronavirus pandemic got in my way, but now I’m selling my home as the country starts opening up again. Total health and financial consequences as a result of the world-wide virus are impossible to calculate. But it’s not hard for me to compute my own personal and business losses over the last few months, and they are the reason I’m selling my home now.

It looks like home buyers will be touring houses for sale again soon, not only looking at dozens of photos posted of each house online. Real estate agents offer beautiful, professional photos to market the homes they list. But sometimes the photos are a little too flattering, and buyers experience disappointment when they walk through the home in person.

My goal is to avoid listing with a real estate agent so that I can avoid having people walk through all the rooms in my house. Even though the country is beginning to open up for business again and many people are feeling safe to shop in stores and look at homes for sale, I just don’t want the traffic going through my house.

My House Is Not Opening Up

Just because the country is starting to open up doesn’t mean my house has to open up to real estate traffic. I want to sell it, but I don’t want to compromise my health and safety to do so. I’d like to be able to make a phone call or send an email and find a buyer on my own. Turns out, I might be able to do just that.

We Pay Fast buys homes all over the country, even during these cautious times. They are a team of professional home buyers I can call at 405-521-1807 or email at One call or email and I may be on my way to selling my home as the country opens up again.

The team at We Pay Fast includes administrative and legal professionals, too, so they provide all the documents needed to close a sale with no commission or additional costs charged to the seller. We Pay Fast may provide the ideal solution to selling my home now.