Selling My Home ASAP

Selling My Home

Selling My Home ASAP

I am selling my home as soon as possible so I can move in with my aging parents. None of us had prepared for this family situation ahead of time, which is rather common. Most adults wish to care for themselves throughout their lives, and they certainly want to avoid being a burden on their children, grandchildren, and other relatives.

When my parents finally admitted they need help with their daily activities we talked about it immediately. It was clear to me that their circumstances had changed significantly, and they really need live-in help. There is nobody else available to help them. It must be me.

That is why I am selling my home ASAP. I want to sell my property before moving out of it because I do not want to manage a vacant house or rent it to tenants. Vacant or rented, while I still own the home, I am responsible for paying the taxes, insurance and costs of repairs and upgrades. These are the costs I want to avoid completely once I move out.

Selling My Home to We Pay Fast

I am selling my home to the professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast, which means I will be moved-out and finished with all the expenses of home ownership within two weeks. This is a good arrangement for me and for my elderly parents who need my help.

We Pay Fast investors made me an offer over the phone and then sent me documents by email for my signature. They were helpful when I explained that I need a buyer to pay cash and close fast, so our closing is set up for next week.  We Pay Fast produces all the closing documents and arranges for all the legal work to be done at a title company. They take care of everything. All I have to do is move all my belongings into a storage unit and make myself available to sign the closing documents when they are ready.

It is a big relief to be selling my home ASAP. Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to speak to a professional homebuyer about your home for sale.