Selling My Home Before Winter

selling my home

Selling My Home Before Winter

Lately, I’ve been thinking about selling my home before winter because I can’t pay my big heating bills again this year. I made it through last winter before Covid19 destroyed the US economy in many ways. I was still working at my long-term job and had plenty of savings to weather the first few months on furlough.

But now I’ve been laid off, with no hope of getting my old job back as expected. My employer was expected to re-open and it did not happen. Apparently, the company has gone bankrupt now. So, it’s time to face the reality of selling my home, even though the leaves are just starting to turn, and it is not officially Fall yet.

Having waited so long to sell, now there’s no time to waste before the furnace kicks on and the bills go up for several months. I have to set things in motion now and allow time to move out and settle into another place where the utilities are included in the monthly rent.

Selling to We Pay Fast And Moving Soon

Selling to the investors at We Pay Fast is one way I can get out from under my mortgage payment and my escalating heating bills. They specialize in buying residential real estate directly from homeowners who are motivated to sell quickly for cash.

I can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email and speak to them. If I leave a voice message or send an email, I will get a phone call in return within 24 hours. I like to speak to people in person before doing business with them, so that works for me. I look forward to speaking to real people about my house for sale, not just filling out forms online and communicating by email.

If the investors at We Pay Fast are interested in purchasing my home from me, they will make me an offer on the phone, and if I accept their offer they will send forms for me to sign by email. We Pay Fast provides all the forms needed and all the legal work, too. None of the costs of sale are charged to the seller at closing, which will be scheduled within a week to ten days.

I’m looking forward to selling my home before winter and moving into a new place if I can work with We Pay Fast investors.