Selling My Home by Myself This Year

Selling My Home by Myself

Selling My Home by Myself This Year

It looks like I am selling my home by myself this year. Covid19 has caused big problems around the world, but real estate sales in the United States have been brisk. Although I tried to list and sell earlier in the year, the advice I received from real estate brokers involved spending quite a bit of money to make improvements to the property before they would list it for sale.

I need to sell my home by myself because I do not have the money to make improvements after losing my job during the pandemic. I realize that real estate agents are busy, and that they want to list property that will sell quickly for top dollar, but that is simply not what I own. I need to find a buyer for a fixer-upper, one that can be a good home with a little time and money invested in it.

Now that I have decided to sell on my own, I have one basic decision to make. Should I put a sign in the yard and post photos of my home online to attract homebuyers? Do I really want to show my home to people I don’t know and then negotiate a sale price with them when they show interest in buying? Or, alternatively, do I want to make one phone call or send one email to a professional homebuyer instead?

Selling My Home to We Pay Fast

The professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast are available at 405-521-1807 and by email at  They pay cash for homes from sellers like me who want to receive fast cash for their properties in any condition.

The more I think about how much time and effort it takes to post photos of my house online, to take phone calls and texts and to respond to emails, the more I think that calling the professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast is a smart idea. They purchase fixer-uppers directly from the owners, and then they make the repairs and do the remodeling necessary to resell the house again. This is their business model, so they are looking for homeowners with property they can improve and resell.

Within 24 hours I will receive a phone call in reply to my voice message or email to We Pay Fast, so that is how I am selling my house this year by myself, if it works out for the We Pay Fast investors when we discuss my property together on the phone.