Selling My Home – Can I Afford It?

selling my home

Selling My Home – Can I Afford It?

When I’m selling my home, can I afford all the costs associated with the sale? When we bought our house there was a closing statement with many closing costs listed for both the buyer and the seller. With that in mind, I am thinking ahead to closing a sale now that it’s time for us to sell.

I’m wondering if we can afford the real estate commission as well as other typical closing costs, especially those associated with a mortgage loan. Most people need to borrow money to purchase a house, and some of the costs associated with their mortgage loan may get pushed over to the seller’s side of the closing statement.

The seller’s costs at closing can add up quickly:

Title search for buyer

Title insurance for buyer

Mortgage pay-off fees

Property survey

Transfer taxes

Liens against the property

Property taxes to date of sale

This list reflects the basic closing costs paid by sellers in various states. Additional costs may be negotiated in the purchase agreement, further reducing the equity check a seller receives at closing.

Estimating these costs and calculating a real estate commission along with them, I am getting discouraged about listing with an agent and selling to a traditional buyer needing a mortgage loan to close.


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