Selling My Home in Plano for Cash

Selling My Home In Plano

Selling My Home In Plano for Cash

Since I may be selling my home in Plano for cash, I have started paying attention to various methods to find a cash homebuyer. Turns out, there are several different ways to find one:

1. Get lucky – A friend, neighbor, or family member might have some interest in buying my home in Plano, and they might also have the cash to close on it without getting a mortgage.

2. List with a real estate agent and get lucky – A cash buyer could find my house on the multiple listing service and make me an offer through their agent and my agent.

3. Call the number on a “bandit” sign – Those signs on street corners? Those are called “bandit” signs for a reason. You do not really know who you are calling and possibly giving confidential details about you house, your life and your financial investment. In many cities bandit signs are illegal.

4. Fill out one of those, “we buy your house without ever talking to you,” contact forms online – Some people prefer to do business by email and text only. That may work out well for selling a used car on craigslist, but it is not ideal for selling a home.

5. Call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) – Contact We Pay Fast, the team of well-established, successful real estate investors with a proven track record and plenty of testimonials.

I Am Selling To We Pay Fast Homebuyers

Based on my research and the conversation I had with a We Pay Fast investor this week, I may be selling to We Pay Fast soon. And that means closing our sale transaction as soon as next week! They have a business model that works for sellers in a hurry, as I am.

I called 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932), left a voice message, and got a phone call back the following day. The We Pay Fast investor and I came to an agreement on my home in Plano, and they emailed me the sale documents to sign by email. It was all set up within one day!

I am looking forward to selling my home in Plano TX for cash next week. It is the ideal solution to my current financial issues. Looks like selling to We Pay Fast will be working for me!