Selling My Home in San Antonio

selling my home

Selling My Home in San Antonio

Selling my home in San Antonio before the 2020 elections is turning out to be a lot of trouble. Real estate agents are very concerned about their clients, which makes sense, so they expect the homes they are showing to be heavily sanitized against Coronavirus.  Some agents bring their own sanitizing spray and wipes along with them to showings, but those items are primarily for cleaning up after their showing.

There is a lot of work involved in preparing a home for sale, even without considering hospital-quality sanitizing. I got professional suggestions to put half my furniture in storage, paint the kitchen and both bathrooms and remove everything from the garage except our cars. Renting a storage facility is not the problem. But physically sorting through everything and moving it into the storage facility is a lot of work.

If our house does not sell, we will have to bring back everything from storage. And if our house does sell, we will need to collect all the items in storage to load them into our moving van. Either way it will be duplicating a lot of effort.

Avoid Preparing Your House for Sale

The time and money required to prepare for selling my home in San Antonio are more time and money than I want to spend. I would need to hire painters and movers, as well as pay for a storage facility. And the thought of keeping our home sanitized to the standards required by some real estate agents today is just more than I can handle.

We must make a move out of Texas for family reasons soon. We need to sell the house and pack up and leave, without creating a lot of extra work and expense. Painting and staging and sanitizing our home to please the showing agents and homebuyers is too much effort right now.

We are calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing them at to discuss selling our house. We Pay Fast is an experienced team of investors who pay cash for homes in a week to ten days after preparing and signing a purchase agreement. They charge no closing costs or legal fees to the seller in their transactions, and they will set the closing date for our convenience. Selling to We Pay Fast means we will not have to spend time and money preparing our house for sale.