Selling My Home Myself

Selling My Home

Selling My Home Myself

Only a small percentage of homeowners have the knowledge and confidence to advertise, show and sell their own homes. If you’re on the “selling my home myself” track, and you’re looking for some tips and tricks, here are three good ideas from experienced real estate investors:

1)  Be prepared for real estate agents to call you and ask to show your home for sale. When buyers see “for sale by owner” ads, they often ask their agent to call the owner and ask for a showing.  This situation will bring up the subject of a real estate commission, so be prepared ahead of time to know how to answer questions.

2)  A buyer may approach you about selling your home on contract. That means you will only receive a small percentage of the sale price at closing and monthly payments for the balance.  If you’re in a financial position to sell on contract it may be appropriate for you to do so, but most sellers need all their money at closing. They must pay off their mortgage note and they need cash to buy or rent their next home.

3)  Have sales agreement forms on hand and make sure you understand them. The signed purchase agreement is a critical part of any real estate transaction, so you need to make sure your written agreement is fully signed, dated and notarized before taking it to a title company or attorney to do the title work.

Who to Ask for Help Selling Your Home

There’s a YouTube video for nearly anything you need to know these days, and that’s true for sellers on the “sell my home myself” track, too.  You can watch dozens videos of real estate investors and agents giving advice, but you’ll still need to handle everything yourself. Selling my home myself

Maybe you have a friend or family member who has real estate knowledge and experience, and they’ve offered to help you market and sell. If so, you are all set with what you need to get started. If not, you might want to consider another option for selling your home without asking for help, paying an agent or hiring a lawyer.

Selling My Home Myself

The professional buyers at We Pay Fast are available at 405-521-1807 and by email at [email protected] We purchase your home for cash, and you pay no closing costs, commission or legal fees normally charged to the seller. You won’t need to acquire real estate knowledge or run ads to sell your home when we buy it from you. We Pay Fast can be your first and last stop on the “sell my house myself” track. Give us a call and find out for yourself!