Selling My Home Quietly

selling my home

Selling My Home Quietly

I’m interested in selling my home quietly, with no signs in the yard or ads in the newspaper or online. I don’t want anyone to know my house is for sale until the transaction is completed. This may not seem like the best plan for everyone, but it’s what I need to do now.

What I need is one cash buyer, somebody who will look at my house once and make a decision about buying it, hopefully within a few hours. I don’t want a parade of cash buyers coming through my house, just one buyer who will consider buying it quickly.

I understand that cash buyers don’t pay the highest market price, but that’s ok with me because receiving the highest price is not as important to me as selling immediately.

Why I Want a Cash Buyer

I understand that professional real estate investors are prepared to pay cash for homes without obtaining a mortgage on them. They may have financing in place for their business, but it does not involve a long process of mortgage loan approval on my house. They make cash offers and have the cash to close without pledging the house as collateral on a new mortgage loan.

And I also understand that professional home buyers usually have the connections to close real estate transactions quickly. Meaning, they call title companies and attorneys who work for them regularly, telling them when a sale needs to close to accommodate the seller’s needs. This is exactly the opposite of how traditional real estate closings are scheduled. The seller and buyer must fit into a closing schedule dictated by the title company, mortgage company and attorney instead.

I want a cash buyer so that I won’t be waiting for mortgage financing or hoping to fit into someone’s closing schedule soon.

We Pay Fast is a Cash Home Buyer

The professional investors at We Pay Fast pay cash for homes. They are a perfect example of the type of buyer I need for selling my home quietly. No commissions or legal fees are charged to the seller and the sale closes within a week or ten days from my acceptance of their offer.

Contact We Pay Fast at or fill out the contact form on the website. By phone, call 405-521-1807 to speak to one of the professional home buyers now.