Selling My Home To Take a Job Offer

Selling My Home Fast for Cash

Selling My Home To Take a Job Offer

This week I decided I am selling my home to take a job offer in another state. It is a big move, but it is also a blessing in this Coronavirus-disrupted economy.  This decision means I must sell the house fast so I can show up for work at my new job in less than a month. I agreed to a tight time frame as part of the agreement with my new employer.

To sell my house fast I must find an interested, qualified buyer fast. That means, they must be motivated to purchase my house and have the cash to pay for it. Finding an interested buyer is not enough in my circumstances because their interest is not enough to close the transaction. They must also have access to enough cash to close the transaction without needing to apply for a mortgage loan.

Most homebuyers borrow the money to buy houses, even those who are purchasing investment properties. But some investors have enough cash to buy and sell real estate as their primary business, and they generally pay cash and close fast, dealing directly with sellers, not with agents.

We Pay Fast Pays Cash to Home Sellers

The professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast fit the description of my ideal buyers. They pay cash and close fast in their transactions with sellers of commercial properties. They are actively buying homes like mine from sellers like me.

We Pay Fast buyers can be reached by calling 405-521-1807, by emailing, or by filling out a form or using the chat function online. Use any contact method offered and you will get a phone call reply within 24 hours, directly from an investor who can assess the details about a house and who has the authority to make an offer on the phone.

I am looking forward to selling my home to take a job offer in another state and selling it to We Pay Fast is my top choice. I will be calling them at 405-521-1807 soon.