Selling My Home With No Listing Agreement

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Selling My Home with No Listing Agreement

I am allergic to complicated paperwork, so I’m thinking about selling my home with no listing agreement involved. It sounds crazy to some people, and maybe it sounds crazy to you, too. Let me explain…

Since most of us have had time at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, we could choose to waste our time or use our time to learn and improve our lives. I chose to learn about selling my home, in order to know more about it when the time comes to sell. As it turns out, there was a lot to learn about the whole home sale process, starting with the listing agreement.

Most surprising to me was discovering there are three main types of real estate listing agreements. That may surprise you, too. Most people have no idea that there’s more than one type of listing agreement available for a homeowner to list with a real estate agent. Most sellers take it for granted that the agent they choose to list with only has one form available, and they never think to ask, “Are there any alternative arrangements for selling my home with you?”

Most Popular Real Estate Listing Agreement

The listing agreement most sellers are presented is called an Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement. It is the most favorable to licensed agents because the real estate broker and agents working under him/her are guaranteed to receive at least a portion of the commission when the house sells. No matter who brings an interested buyer, one who makes an offer the seller eventually accepts, at closing the listing broker and listing agent receive the percentage of commission stated in the listing agreement.

This is ideal for the broker and agents, but it’s not ideal for me. I want the option to sell my home myself, and when I do so, I don’t want to owe a real estate commission to anyone. If I sign an Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement it means I will pay the commission even if I find a buyer myself. To me, that’s not fair. I own the home, so I should be able to sell it myself.

The other two listing agreements are called an Exclusive Agency Listing Agreement and an Open Listing, which are used to secure a real estate commission for the agent or broker who brings the buyer, and no other agents are covered.

I Want to Sell My Home with No Listing Agreement

Since I want to sell my home with no listing agreement of any kind, I’m calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing them at to speak to a professional buyer. They are not interested in listing my home, but they may be interested in buying it.

We Pay Fast buys homes regularly, paying cash within a week to ten days from the date a sales agreement is signed. If they are interested in my home for sale, I will have very little paperwork to deal with, and I will have it sold quickly and easily with no listing agreement or agent involved in the process.