Selling My House After Stimulus Payments

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Selling My House After Stimulus Payments

We know the government checks will eventually stop, so I’m selling my house after our stimulus payments end. This free money is not going to last forever. My plans for what to do when the stimulus expires include selling my house and moving in with relatives who are going to need the rental income from me. This plan will work for all of us.

In a way, it’s as though American workers are on welfare right now. I’m not judging the situation, just remarking. Those of us who are not comfortable with the idea of receiving welfare checks when we are capable of working and earning a living must think ahead to the future. Our immediate need for cash when our jobs ended abruptly due to Covid19 closures should not lull us into complacency regarding our future income.

Monthly payments and all the other expenses associated with owning a home represent more than a third of my previous monthly income, before the Coronavirus pandemic. There’s no way I can calculate what percentage of my unknown future income those fixed costs of homeownership will require. The only responsible thing for me to do is to sell my house and eliminate them.

Finding a Buyer to Sell My Home

I don’t know exactly when stimulus payments will end because Congress may issue another round of funding if cases of Coronavirus rise again. But one thing I know I can do, and it can be done right now. I can locate a professional home buyer and discuss the sale of my home whenever I’m ready to sell it.

We Pay Fast professional home buyers are available now, to discuss selling my home after stimulus payments end. If they are interested in buying my house, the next step is signing a purchase agreement with me (they provide all the paperwork necessary) and then doing the legal work to prepare for closing (they pay all the closing costs and legal fees) in a week to ten days from our agreement.

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