Selling My House and Renting Instead

selling my house fast

Selling My House and Renting Instead

Three months ago I would not have believed that today I am considering selling my house and renting instead. Everything has changed for us since the Coronavirus pandemic swept the globe and changed the world economy. Our income disappeared, but our bills kept coming. Most of our bills involve our house, so it must go.

Of course, investing in real estate is a smart thing to do, and I will look forward to owning a house again in the future. But for now, it is not possible for us to own our home. We need to find a house or an apartment and pay rent instead.  The main thing is to reduce our monthly living expenses until we build up our family income again.

Unemployment checks will keep us going for a while, but they are temporary, and they are not sufficient to pay the mortgage, maintenance, taxes and insurance on our house. Unemployment benefits are not calculated for homeowners who are making a big monthly investment in owning their house.

Finding a Cash Buyer to Sell My Home

Knowing I need to sell is one thing but finding a cash buyer to sell my home is another thing entirely. There’s no time or money to involve a real estate agent for listing our home now. We need an immediate cash sale, and agents cannot produce immediate cash buyers on demand.

First, we need to locate a rental house or apartment that is available for immediate occupancy. We will need that before calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing them at because they specialize in paying cash and closing fast. We Pay Fast is a team of experienced home buyers. They are easy to reach and easy to talk to about selling a house fast, which is just what we need now.

Making one phone call or sending one email to We Pay Fast can end the cycle of investing more and more money into my house. I want a fast, cash home sale so we can pay rent for a home now, with no property taxes, homeowner’s insurance or maintenance to worry about.