Selling My House Because I’m Having A Baby

Selling My House Because I’m Having A Baby

I’m selling my house because I’m having a baby in a few months. The house is already too small for my husband and me. We both have need for private space. I need a sewing room and he needs an office, so a three bedroom house is not going to work for us once the baby arrives.

We must get our cash out of this house so we can buy another one. The trick is to have the new place all fixed up to our liking before I go into labor. So, listing it with a real estate agent won’t work.  Even though it could work out, we don’t want to take a chance. We want to get our home equity in cash right away and close on a new property with four bedrooms.

There’s a four bedroom condominium we like, but we’ve hesitated to make an offer on it until we know we’ll have all the cash we need for a down payment. Selling our present home is key to purchasing a new one.

Sell A House To We Pay Fast Now

We found the professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast from a search on the web. They buy homes directly from the owners in most states. No real estate agents or mortgage brokers are involved in their purchase transactions. We Pay Fast pays cash and closes fast. That’s exactly what we are looking for!

We Pay Fast buyers make offers over the phone, and when a seller accepts the offer then a purchase agreement is sent by email for signatures and the closing is scheduled in as little as a week to ten days from signing documents.

We may be able to close our sale with enough time to purchase and paint our new place before the baby arrives. By calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or emailing we’ll receive a phone call back from the We Pay Fast homebuyers within 24 hours. I’m excited because I’m selling my house because I’m having a baby!