Selling My House Before a Stimulus Check

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Selling My House Before a Stimulus Check

I may be selling my house before a stimulus check arrives in the mail. That could cause delivery delays, which is not ideal for my circumstances. I need to receive the government-issued check as much as I need to receive the proceeds of my home sale, so it is turning into an awkward situation.

We have all been waiting to find out if Congress will authorize another stimulus check to offset the losses Americans are experiencing due to Covid19, including unemployment and small business disruptions. None of us could have imagined this financial melt-down a year ago, but today we are all too familiar with it.

Notifying the United States government of my new address may not be effective, since it is difficult to know the location of the address information used to mail paper checks, my preference for receiving the money. Since I plan to sell my house for fast cash, the timing of my move and receiving the check is an issue.

Sell a House to We Pay Fast At Your Convenience

We Pay Fast is a team of professional homebuyers who pay cash directly to sellers, without the involvement of a real estate broker. They provide all the needed documents and schedule the closing at the sellers’ convenience. I am very interested in having a flexible closing date to accommodate my need to receive the stimulus check at my current address by mail.

When I call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email I will get a phone call in reply to my voice message or email. The investor who calls me back has the authority to make me an offer over the phone, so if we come to an agreement the process starts immediately. We Pay Fast will send me an email with a purchase agreement to sign, which will include a flexible closing date option.

Selling my house before a stimulus check arrives is not a problem for me when I sell to We Pay Fast because they offer a flexible closing schedule to help me out.