Selling My House By Myself

selling my house fast

Selling My House by Myself

I kept the house in our recent divorce, so now I’m selling my house by myself. My former husband and I were planning­ to sell it “by owner,” but he was the one who was going to do most of the work. He knows how to take good photos and post them online, and he knows how to reply to the emails coming in from potential buyers.

But, my husband is not helping me now, so I am sitting here wondering how I’m going to do the photography, the online posting, the emailing and the negotiating when an interested buyer decides to make an offer. None of these skills interest me at all, which is unfortunate because I do not want to hire an agent and pay a real estate commission either.

Selling My House to We Pay Fast

Without the desire and the skills to sell “by owner,” I began to research companies that buy homes directly from the homeowners. I like We Pay Fast because they are a team of professional real estate investors who buy homes like mine directly from the sellers, with no real estate agent or real estate commission involved.

We Pay Fast buys houses and eventually re-sells them or keeps them as rental property. They take title to the properties they purchase, they do not act as agents or flip contracts to someone else before closing. I like dealing directly with my buyer, but without the hassle of putting my house online to find that buyer. I want this transaction to be fast and easy!

It doesn’t get much easier than selling to We Pay Fast because one phone call to 405-521-1807 or one email to is all it takes to get in touch with one of their selling solutions specialists. Leaving a message will get you a call back within 24 hours and you will be speaking directly to an investor with the authority to purchase your home.

If We Pay Fast is interested in your house for sale, they will create all the paperwork needed for buyer and seller signatures, as well as all the closing documents required. There is no charge to the seller for the document preparation or legal work. We Pay Fast picks up all the costs and is usually ready to close the transaction within a week to ten days.

If things go the way I expect, I’ll be selling my house by myself to We Pay Fast.