Selling My House Fast to Get Married

Selling My House Fast

Selling My House Fast to Get Married

Suddenly, I am selling my house to get married and move in with my new husband. His house is much nicer than mine, so that is where we have decided to live. The goal now is to sell my house fast for cash and go on a nice honeymoon before we settle into his place.

We waited nearly a year to make this decision because Covid19 made it impossible to go on the honeymoon cruise of our dreams. Now that most restrictions on travel are being lifted, we should be able to take the cruise soon. The sooner my house sells, the sooner we go on our cruise!

We want to find a real estate investor who pays cash and closes fast. That is the type of buyer we are looking for because their business model works for our need to sell quickly for cash. I have been looking for the best, most experienced investor who buys homes in our area.

We Pay Fast Buys Homes in My Area

My online search came up with many options, but I believe the best one is the We Pay Fast team of professional homebuyers. Their business model is perfect for our needs. I can make one phone call to 405-521-1807 or send one email to if I don’t choose to fill out the easy contact form online. In any case, I will receive a phone call in reply from a We Pay Fast investor within 24 hours.

We Pay Fast buys homes in nearly every state, so I know they may consider purchasing my home from me. Once we discuss it, if my house is a good fit for their investment portfolio, We Pay Fast will make me an offer over the phone and follow up with documents to sign by email, if I am in agreement with the price and terms offered.

I am excited about selling my house fast to get married. We Pay Fast pays all the closing costs and can schedule closings within a week to ten days of document signing. It all sounds good to me! I’m contacting We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 immediately.