Selling My House For The Equity

selling my house fast

Selling My House for The Equity

I’m selling my house for the equity check I’ll collect at closing. Most sellers could say the same thing, but they may not have as much pressure to get their check as I do right now. The Coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic disaster have affected me personally. My business ground to a halt over the last three months and I don’t have the resources to restart it again.

The equity check from the sale of my home is a lifeline to paying my bills right now. That’s my first priority. Next on the list is moving out of the metro area where we lived because it was close to our retail store. There is no longer a store, so there is no longer any need to live in the crowded, congested city. Our house is unique and historic, so it will appeal to buyers who enjoy the inner-city life.

But, how do I find a buyer quickly? I need a buyer who will pay cash and close fast, providing me with my equity check as soon as possible. Traditional home buyers who apply for mortgage loans to finance their will not work for my situation. I need a cash buyer who can close fast and pay cash.

No Closing Costs to Sell A House to We Pay Fast

The professional home buyers at We Pay Fast are ideal buyers for me. They often work with sellers who need to close fast and they understand why I’m selling my house fast for the equity check. They specialize in closing transactions fast, in only a week to ten days from the time a purchase agreement is signed.

We Pay Fast offers cover all document preparation and legal costs for closing the transaction, and there are no real estate commissions involved in the sale. So, I’m calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing to get started selling my house for the equity check.