Selling My House in Dallas With No Closing Costs

selling my house fast

Selling My House in Dallas with No Closing Costs

This time I’m selling my house in Dallas with no closing costs. In the past, I’ve paid ‘way too much for the services of real estate agents, title and escrow companies and attorneys. When I saw all those costs deducted from my proceeds check I decided it wouldn’t happen again whenever I decide to sell my next house.

The traditional real estate sales system does not appeal to me. There are neighborhoods in Dallas that agents seem to prefer, and homes located outside those neighborhoods do not get the same level of attention and service. At least that’s what I’ve noticed over the years, so that’s why I choose to avoid the multiple listing service in the Dallas area.

We have built an apartment as an add-on to our daughter’s home north of Dallas and it will be ready for us in a few weeks. At this point in our lives, smooth and easy is more important than anything else, so we are looking for a cash buyer to close a sale on our schedule, for our convenience.

Finding a Cash Home Buyer in Dallas

Looking around, online and in print newspapers and shopper supplements, I see a few ads that read, “I buy houses,” with no name listed along with the phone number. That bothers me, too. How can you trust someone who doesn’t provide their name or the name of their company?  I like to do business with companies I can research and verify, with referrals and testimonials available. buys homes in Dallas, and they have testimonials on their website. I can get referrals from them if I ask for people who have worked with them in the past. And I can clearly see that they pay all closing costs, which is what I’m looking for, as well as quick closing in a week to ten days.

I’ll be calling We Pay Fast for selling my house in Dallas with no closing costs.