Selling My House in Need of Repairs

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Selling My House in Need of Repairs

The longer this Coronavirus pandemic goes on, the closer I get to selling my house in need of repairs. The list of things I need to fix is growing longer as time goes by because I am furloughed from my job with no idea when I’ll be going back to work. I have the time to work on it, but I don’t have the money for big home repair projects.

Everybody has their own idea about needed home repairs. What may be useful and comfortable to one person may be intolerable to another one, necessitating home repair and remodel projects. But I assure you, the repairs that my house requires would be on anybody’s list. A new roof is not a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have.

If all my house needed was a new roof, I think the average home buyer would simply choose to add the cost of a new roof into the price they pay for the house. It’s easy to calculate and it’s a practical home improvement project for an experienced roofing contractor to complete.

Buyers for Houses in Need of Repair

Besides a new roof, my house needs replacement windows and updated wiring. That’s a short sentence, but each item listed costs thousands of dollars. A home buyer needs to have the cash to pay for all these repairs once they close on my house, or they must add the repair costs into their mortgage loan, in addition to the sale price. Some lenders allow add-ons when funding mortgage loans and some do not allow it.

I have heard that real estate investors purchase houses in need of repair because they have the cash and the crews to do the repair work. We Pay Fast is a team of real estate investors who consider homes like mine and pay cash for houses they decide to buy.

Calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing is a good way for me to consider selling my house in need of repairs. They will reply within 24 hours, and I will speak to an investor in person on the phone to discuss my home and the needed repairs. If We Pay Fast agrees to purchase my home, I could have a check for my equity within a week to ten days, with no closing costs or legal fees deducted.